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I am an artist in Albuquerque, NM. I work primarily with metal, ceramic, and wood to create sculptures and jewelry which hold special visual and conceptual meaning. I am drawn to classical materials that connect my contemporary aesthetic to the high level of craft and technique that I idolize from the past. My sculpture is an exploration of fear and beauty, rooting through my subconscious for the nucleus of what attracts and repels me.

I am currently seeking galleries and exhibitions to show my work. I do accept commissions for custom furniture or jewelry.



Open House, Submaterial, Albuquerque NM, September 2016

Heavy Metal, Downtown Contemporary Art, Albuquerque NM, June 2016

Tesla Art Show, Downtown Contemporary Art, Albuquerque NM, November 2014

Black Balloon, Pop-Up Gallery, Albuquerque NM, June 2013